YouTube Covers Master List

Artist Song Source Release Targeted Status
Shihoko Hirata Dazzling Smile Persona 4 Golden: The Animation 12/20/2014 Completed
LiSA Rising Hope Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 1/15/2014 Drum Tracking
Yumi Kawamura Maze of Life Persona Q 2/1/2014 Planned
Yousei Teikoku KUUSOU MESOROGII Mirai Nikki 2/15/2015 Planned
Shihoko Hirata Time To Make History Persona 4: Golden 3/1/2015 Planned
Girls Dead Monster My Soul, Your Beats Angel Beats! 3/15/2015 Planned
Yumi Kawamura Best Friends Persona 4: Arena 4/1/2015 Planned
Mika Kobayashi Before my body is dry Kill la Kill 4/15/2015 Planned
Shoji Meguro Unavoidable Battle Persona 3 5/1/2015 Planned
Girls Dead Monster Little Braver Angel Beats! 5/15/2015 Planned
Yumi Kawamura Key Plus Words Persona 4: The Animation 6/1/2015 Planned
Rei Yasuda Mirror Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 6/15/2015 Planned
Shoji Meguro Mist Persona 4 7/1/2015 Planned
On/Off Butterfly Durarara!! 9/1/2015 Planned
Lotus Juice Fate in Your Hands Persona 3: The Movie 9/15/2015 Planned

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