An Excerpt From Persona 4X: The World’s Universe – Chapter 7

Hi guys!

This chapter is a little more than halfway done and I’d say it’s gonna be quite a read. So, I feel like giving you all a little preview of it!

“Thanks, Ted!” Chie yelled. Well, this meant that she was very limited in her attacks to weak ice spells. Unfortunately, they missed a stray shadow that snuck in form behind. It wasn’t the same shadow, based from the sound of the hooves that hit the ground and the sounds of chain mail and metal clinking together. Yosuke was the first to hear the noise, and the first to catch the knight’s lance aimed directly at Chie.

“CHIE!! LOOKOUT!!!” Yosuke yelled at the top of his lungs. She looked behind her and saw the lance closing in rapidly. She knew she didn’t have the time to jump to safety. Fortunately, a pair of arms grabbed and tackled her to the ground, with the knight hopping over her. This didn’t stop the lance piercing her savior right through the ribs, though. Chie watched as the shadow knight threw Yosuke, her perverted best friend and savior, five meters away…

Hope you enjoyed that little bit. The release is still targeted or December 20th or earlier. Stay tuned!


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