Self Against Shadow – Dark Hour (Solo Album) Remixing Underway!

It’s been over 6 months since the release of my solo album, and what a trip that was. No, nothing’s become of it, but it’s not my main focus anyways. I had revisited the album several times and was very dissatisfied with the mixing and the mastering; it turned out what was made to be simple I made too complex. So, I opened up the old files and started mixing the album from scratch with new concepts and techniques. Of course, it’ll sound different. Here’s what you all could expect:

  • Revised drum parts in various places (some of the parts seemed out of context)
  • Gut-punching drums
  • Throatier bass
  • Thicker guitars
  • Punchier and thicker vocals
  • Leaner bass
  • More balanced instrumentation
  • Leads that cut through
  • Other improvements

The release date is tentative for February 2015, and the cost will be FREE. Stay tuned for updates!!


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