Major Delays in New Content and Project Restructuring

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating in awhile… I just want to update you all with the status of all of my projects, which unfortunately have been met with untimely and unfortunate delays. I just want to reassure everyone that none of my projects are dead, but I will be taking a break from some of them as my overall schedule has become quite congested. This means that there will be some planned projects that will have to be dropped or skipped entirely (most likely from YouTube. FanFiction stuff will still go on as planned, although there maybe severe delays).

Now, I never made any promises that the dates listed on my projects are absolute. I have tried my best in attempting to meet those dates, but sometimes things come up unplanned. Here are the statuses of the current projects:

  • Mirai Nikki OP#1 Cover = Delayed indefinitely due to waiting to purchase a viable orchestral and scoring software. The current one I have does not meet the demands that this cover has in terms of string instrumentation. I will most likely be moving onto an easier Persona cover. That being said, I will also be reducing Anime OP cover projects in favor of Persona projects.
  • Pokemon Alternis: A Journey’s Beginning = I’ve hit a major writer’s block and am running out of steam with this fic. I will be putting this fic on hiatus after the release of Chapter 14 (also severely delayed due to writer’s block) to recharge my creative batteries for this fic. It maybe that I end up rewriting the entire thing.
  • Persona 4X: The World’s Universe = New chapters will now be released after every other P4X: The World’s Beginning (the other Persona fic I’m writing) release as it makes more sense to write that fic first.
  • Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning = This has become my main project. As Yu and Rise’s planned relationship still concerns me quite a bit (in terms of actually making sense in context of this story), I hopefully will not have to rewrite this story to provide a different kind of relationship if the current one doesn’t work out. We shall see in the future.
  • Self Against Shadow Remastering Project = This still has a tentative March release.

I hope that you all understand that while I would like to do everything I planned, we only have 24 hours in a day (well 8 for me, as work and sleep take up the other 16, and I have other stuff to do besides this as well). Sometimes I wish we could run on 48 hours, but that’s a total dreampipe, right? xDD

Until my next release or update, I shall bid all of you a good rest of the day! 🙂

~ damus1cmahn


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