Persona Q – “Maze of Life” Recording Update! (#2)

Before I say anything else, last video, I mentioned that I had made a fantasized rock band featuring (alive) Persona 3 Characters. Based on their personalities, history, and characteristics, I have come up with the following:

Band: The Execution Squad
– Rhythm + Lead Guitars/Lead Vocals = Yukari Takeba
– Lead Guitars/Male Vocals = P3 Protag (I will call him Makoto in this case)
– Rhythm Guitars/BK Vocals = Mitsuru Kirijo
– Bass = Junpei Iori
– Drums = Akihiko Sanada
– Keyboards/Synthesizers = Fuuka Yamagishi
– Sampler/Synthesizers = Aigis
– Manager/Tech = Ken (sorry… I can’t think of anywhere to place you)
– Posthumous God of Awesome = Shinjiro Aragaki

– And because the original is a duet (as the game is a crossover between P3xP4), it will guest star Risette (Rise Kujikawa from P4 for those who don’t know) on Vocals!

Anyways, the guitars and all live instruments are complete… now for the hard part… the synth and orchestra programming… (oh dear god…)! Stay tuned for more updates!


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