Self Against Shadow – Dark Album (Remastered) Released!!

This project has finally been released to the public! And the price is free!!!

Check it out here: Dark Hour (Remastered)

A little info on the album…

This album explores the dark nature of the human heart and soul, hence the name “Dark Hour”. It’s all of the facets of humanity that is looked down upon. A lot of material is based off of material from anime, manga, light novels, and video games, particularly that of the Persona series.

Music – Michael Pham
Arrangement – Michael Pham
Programming – Michael Pham
Lyrics – Michael Pham

Recording Engineer – Michael Pham
Mixing Engineer – Michael Pham
Mastering Engineer – Michael Pham

Produced by – Michael Pham

Special thanks to: Long and Ha Pham, Patrick and Stephen Pham, the rest of the family, Amanda Hinh, Brooke Washburn, Gerald Ruiz, Kelly Le, Huy Truong, Niki Louvan, my friends on YouTube, my friends on, The-Final-Fidelity.

Self Against Shadow is:
Michael Pham – Producer, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Vocals

Michael Pham uses Fender Guitars and Basses, Schecter Guitars, EMG and Seymour Duncan active pickups, D’Addario and GHS Strings, Dunlop picks, Planet Waves locking tuner system, Graph-Tech nut and bridges, Sterling Audio microphones, Morley effects, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Presonus, Focusrite, Audio-Technica


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