Next YouTube Project Announced! (and other important announcements)

Hey guys!

I’ve been off the grid for a week for a vacation and will be back in business starting tomorrow. So along with picking the ball back up, here are some announcements:

  • The Next YouTube Cover – Two weeks ago, I held a poll to see which Persona cover would be next. As it ended 7/3 (last Friday), the results came in. My next cover will be “Light in Starless Sky” from Persona 3: Falling Down. 
  • Update on YouTube project Brave Shine – With an influx of requests to collaborate and limitation of choosing only one official vocalist for the cover, I will have to hold auditions for the official version to be posted on my YouTube channel. Details to follow tomorrow.
  • P4X:WB Ch 6 – The long-awaited Ch 6 of my P4G fanfic is still being worked on, and was surprisingly worked on over vacation. Be looking for a late-July release!
  • Instagram – I have recently launched an Instagram profile, so follow me! 😀
  • Facebook – I have also recently launched a Facebook Page, so like it! 😀

Stay tuned for more updates!

~ damus1cmahn


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