Weekly Update – 8/16-8/22

Hey, everyone!

Things have been really busy as of late. Otakon happened and I’ve just settled into my new residences that’s a little bit more musician-friendly, which was why you haven’t heard from me in a month or so other than the releases.

Also, something you probably didn’t know about me is that I’m a photographer. Here are some shots from the Kill la Kill photoshoot from Otakon 2015. I also have albums from the Persona photoshoots and an upcoming one from the Fate/stay series photoshoot!


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
 P4X:WB  6  Writing
 PA:AJB  14  Draft (On Hiatus)


Artist Song Source Stage Current Stage Progress
Lotus Juice Light In Starless Sky Persona 3: The Movie Instrumental Released

Last Week:

  • Continued writing details of P4X:WB – Ch 6
  • Settled into the new place/studio
  • Edited photos from Otakon
  • Completed Lotus Juice – “Light In Starless Sky” cover
  • Finished writing song 4/21 for solo album #2

This Week:

  • P4X:WB – Ch 6
    • Target completion: 75% by 8/30
  • Perform Workstation Migration
    • Short 2-week hiatus from YouTube
  • Edit more photos from Otakon
  • Write song 5/21 for solo album #2

And have a picture!



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