Persona 4X: World’s Beginning – Chapter 6 – Update!

Hey, everyone!

I know I’ve been pretty silent on the development of Chapter 6, but rest assure you, it’s getting done! Content completion is about 70% complete as of last night and I should have it done by August 31st, if not sooner. But anyways, let me show you an excerpt from the chapter.

The scene that played out before this young woman faded away to black. She tried to force open her eyes, her vision blurred beyond any level of clarity. She felt around, noting she was laying on the floor. All that she could tell from her blurred vision that it was a shade of red. Confused, she tried to figure out where she was, since this definitely did not feel like her bedroom. All she had as a reference was a shrill female voice that filled the air.

“Chie is nice. Chie can do anything. Chie is always by my side. Chie will always be there to protect me. Chie will always save me…” the voice sang, laced with malice and resentment. Those words echoed harshly from wall to wall. Of course, this threw the young lady for a fright. Just this was happening, her vision cleared enough to recognize a strange fog that filled the area. This did not stop her frightfulness one bit.

Hope you enjoyed that bit. This is proving the most emotional chapter yet!

Stay tuned for more updates!



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