Weekly Update – 9/13-9/19

Hey, everyone!

Last week was a bit quiet in terms of projects. It was all Local Connect going from pre-production all the way to 80% done with recording. It would’ve been 95% if I didn’t tack on some surprises, which I will announce in the section below…

Local Connect’s “Shiawase no Arika” from Ore Monogatari is sung entirely in Japanese. Normally, I’d attempt it in Japanese, but for the sake of time and ability (the dude’s range is quite great), I’ve decided to sing the entire song translated into English with my own localization of the lyrics.

To add even more fun to this project, I’ll also be shooting a music video for it. I’m gonna keep quiet on the details to make it more of a surprise.


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
P4X:WU 8 Pre-production
 PA:AJB  14  Draft (On Hiatus)


Artist Song Source Stage Current Stage Progress
Local Connect Shiawase no Arika Ore Monogatari!! Recording

Last Week:

  • Began P4X:WU – Chapter 8 pre-production
  • About 95% complete with the instrumental recording of Shiawase no Arika

This Week:

  • Complete instrumental and English vocal recording of Shiawase no Arkia
  • Complete P4X:WU – Chapter 8 pre-production
  • Edit more photos from Otakon
  • Write song 6/21 for solo album #2

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