Weekly Update – 9/27-10/3

Hey, everyone!

The past couple of weeks was dedicated to the video portion of the Shiawase no Arika project. All of the recording and mixing has been completed and now sits in the video pre-production stage, which is moving along at a steady pace. Persona 4X: The World’s Universe is also progressing through its pre-production stage.

Other than that, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time into clearing out my anime backlog, as well as diving into some new games I bought.

Since the music video is still in pre-production, I figured I’d share the instrumental (you all are still gonna have to wait for the full version; it’s gonna be special)! The video can be found at the bottom of this post.


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
P4X:WU 8 Pre-production
 PA:AJB  14  Draft (On Hiatus)


Artist Song Source Stage Current Stage Progress
Local Connect Shiawase no Arika Ore Monogatari!! Video Pre-prod

Last Two Weeks:

  • Began Video pre-production for Shiawase no Arika
  • Began Pre-production for P4X:WU

This Week:

  • Continue video pre-production for Shiawase no Arika
  • Continue pre-production for P4X:WU
  • Edit more photos from Otakon
  • Write song 6/21 for solo album #2

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