Weekly Update – 10/25-10/31

Hey, everyone!

With my next YouTube project (“Mist” from Persona 4) underway, there’s nothing really to report here. I did, however, update the Master Cover list with some new entries you all should check out!

Also, don’t forget to check out the finished music video for LOCAL CONNECT – “Shiawase no Arika” over on the YouTubes 😀


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
 P4X: WU  8 Draft


Artist Song Source Stage Current Stage Progress
Shoji Meguro Mist Persona 4 Pre-prod

Last Week:

  • Began recording of Persona 4 – “Mist”
  • Worked on draft of P4X:WU – Ch 8

This Week:

  • Finish recording of Persona 4 – “Mist”
  • Write draft for P4X:WU – Ch 8
  • Write song 7/21 for solo album #2

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