Weekly Update – 11/16-11/30

Hey, everyone!

I think I’m going to keep these updates to twice a month since half the time, I can’t really keep up. But, since the Mist cover’s finally completed (holy hell the string section was difficult to write), I’m gonna start working on the next project!

I will be doubling down this time with one American project and one Anime project. The American project is from my favorite Band/Guitarist of all time, Tremonti, in which I will be doing a full cover of the song “Cauterize” off the album of the same name which had been released earlier this year. The Anime project is the opening from the anime “Gakusen Toshi Asterisk,” which I might add is the epitome of combining hard rock, electronica, and industrial music.

I finally got around to pick the writing back up for P4X:WU after weeks of delay due to my busy work schedule. I don’t expect the release cycle to get any better. Oh, how I wish I had 48-hour days…


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
 P4X: WU  8 Draft


Artist Song Source Stage Progress
Tremonti Cauterize Cauterize Recording
Shiena Nishizawa Brand-new World Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Pre-prod

Last Two Weeks:

  • Finished recording of Persona 4 – “Mist”
  • Worked on draft of P4X:WU – Ch 8

Next Two Weeks:

  • Record vocals for “Cauterize”
  • Obtain single for “Brand-new World”
  • Write draft for P4X:WU – Ch 8
  • Write song 7/21 for solo album #2

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