YouTube Projects Announcements

Hey, everyone!

In an out-of-band update, there are a couple of things I would like to announce about my channel. First and foremost, the rate of covers produced is dramatically going to be reduced from now until June of 2016. What is the reason?

I have started studying to get into Graduate School.

Yes, Graduate School has always been part of the plan for my career and to ensure that I live the quality of life that allows me to finance these projects I put out for YouTube (gear upgrades, maintenance, planning, etc.); even the solo album I had put out a year and a half ago, and remastered this past year, was self-produced and financed.

As I have been putting out covers around twice a month, that schedule will now drop to every 1 or 2 months, depending where I am at in preparation for the GRE. Although music is my hobby, my passion, and my dream, I have to be able to continue doing it.

Second, I am initiating a project to create a form that will allow fans to request a song I should cover. I will review these requests and if I get enough of them, I will put it in my backlog for consideration. I really want to be able to reach the fans of Anime and SMT/Persona to see what they would like to hear in my style (which is downtuned heavy metal). Of course, I would have to review it to see if it is actually doable in my particular style. This would only be for Anison and/or Persona songs, since I generally like most of them. I am very picky about regular American and J-Rock/J-Pop songs.

Third, since the list of Persona songs I would like to cover is dwindling down, I will eventually be transitioning to perform more Anison instrumental covers (full-voiced if the male singer is within my range). Of course as mentioned in the 2nd point, I would be open to covering Persona songs on request if able to translate into my style. Once the Persona 5 soundtrack gets released, you’ll bet there will be some songs I would like to cover!

If there’s a change in plans, I’ll be sure to let you, my fans, know right away.

Until then, peace out!


~ damus1cmahn


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