Update – January 2016

Hey, everyone!


I haven’t been posting much as this past month as my life got very busy (as per my announcement). The next time I will be posting and update is most likely mid to end of February. All new audio projects will be on hold until I get my living situation sorted out and setup, as well as my plan for pursuing a Master’s degree is set in stone. Other than that, 2015 was a blast and I’m looking forward to sharing a recap of it as a lot of things has happened during the year!

Also, I will be attending Katsucon this year, so if you want to come up and say hi (or take pictures), go right ahead!

Cosplay lineup:

  • Friday = Yu Narukami (from Persona 4)
  • Saturday (morning) = Mikihiko Yoshia (from MKnR)
  • Saturday (evening) = P3 Protag (full uniform)

Until then, peace out!


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
 P4X: WU  8 Draft


Artist Song Source Stage Progress
Yumi Kawamura Best Friends Persona 4: Arena Instrumental Completed

Next projects:

  • Shihoko Hirata – “Pursuing My True Self” from Persona 4
    • Instrumental + Guest vocals
    • Project length = approx. 2 weeks
    • Looking for collaborator
    • Projected Start Date = 2/19
  • Mika Kobayashi – “Before my body is dry” from Kill la Kill
    • Instrumental
    • Project length = approx. 2 weeks
  • Shoji Meguro – “F.O.E.” from Persona Q
    • Instrumental
    • Project length = approx. 2 weeks

Last Four Weeks:

  • Released “Feed A”
  • Finished draft of P4X:WU – Ch 8

Next Four Weeks:

  • Setup new studio space
  • Start detailed draft of P4X:WU – Ch 8
  • Prepare for Katsucon

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