Persona 4 – “Pursuing My True Self” Vocal Auditions Open!!

Hey, guys!

As you guys might have heard, I want to have vocals in this cover! So, I’m opening auditions for the vocal spot. You think you got what it takes? Great, let’s hear it!

Rules and limitations:
– Only 1 submission per artist
– You must own some type of microphone and recording gear (those who live in the Washington, D.C. area are exceptions as I can personally record you). It doesn’t matter the gear you have, just as long as it is clear
– You must put 100% of your best effort into your performance. Any use of pitch-correcting/time-shifting means to correct your performance will work against you (trust me, I can tell when it is used)

Auditions close on 3/20/2016!!

– You can sing with the entire track playing in the background (just make sure I can hear you)
– You can send in just the voice track
– MUST BE IN MP3 (44.1kbps, 192khz) FORMAT
– You can drop it here
– Or, you can send it to with the subject Pursuing My True Self Vocal Submission – [your YouTube name]

Well, I am looking forward to hearing all of your beautiful voices! If you need references to the original full song, don’t be afraid to PM me at my email address so I can point you in the right direction (don’t forget the all important subject line)! When I announce the winner on 3/26/2016, I will personally contact them with further instructions.

Also, this does not stop you from taking the instrumental and uploading it to your own channel and claiming it as your own vocal cover if you decide to not participate (as long as I get some form of credit).

Good luck and happy singing!


~ damus1cmahn


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