An Introduction:

Greetings fellow musicians, otaku, readers and writers of FanFiction, and what may have you, welcome to my official blog! Here you will learn a little bit about me and what I do and how I came to be.

About Me:

From – Sugar Land, Texas

Alma Mater – University of Houston, 2014

Currently, I am an IT Professional in Northern Virginia/Washington, DC. I live by myself, which enables me to have a lot of quiet space to think. I specialize in information technology, specifically networking. I have worked and interned for many technology companies including Cisco Systems and iland Internet Solutions.

I am a classically trained musician. I play electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, piano, and I also sing (which includes screamed, growled, and death metal style vocals). I own a small recording studio at my house and regularly record original works as well as covers.

Another major thing I do is write FanFiction, mainly for the Pokemon and Persona series.

Other things I like to do are weight lifting, running, tennis, [American] football, photography, and car-modding. For photography, I use a Nikon D7000 camera.

Music Style(s):

  • J-Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Alternative Metal
  • Industrial Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Progressive Rock
  • Some forms of EDM
  • Video Game Music

Fictional Writing Style:

My goal in writing fanfiction is to express my love and passion for these particular franchises. My style of writing doesn’t involve meeting goals for word count per chapter; I will write until it reaches a good stopping point (or present a good cliffhanger). I usually like to outline a story until the end before writing all of the details; this way, I will not be swayed too much by changes and stray away from the original idea. I cannot free-write an entire story like some authors can. I also like to develop various “articles” and “tools” to help me envision what is happening in the story, such as maps, building designs, and guides.


Self Against Shadow (my solo project)

Pokemon Alternis Wiki (for all of your Pokemon Alternis needs)

Twitter (for updates to stories and cover/original projects alike)

YouTube (for covers)

SoundCloud (for original works)

Top 10 Favorite Artists:

  1. Shoji Meguro
  2. Tremonti
  3. Dir En Grey
  4. Alter Bridge
  5. Yumi Kawamura
  6. Shihoko Hirata
  7. Chevelle
  8. Sevendust
  9. MUCC
  10. the Gazette


All of my works take place in a custom universe per franchise. See below for details.

Pokémon – My works in here are meant to be read chronologically
Persona Series (Persona 3 and 4, specifically) – My works in here are meant to be read chronologically
Dragon Ball [Z] (I generally don’t like GT, so I tend to not read or write those) – My works in here can be read as a standalone, or can be treated as chronological

My Take on Ships:

Although many shippers pair based on “cuteness” and “do they look good together”, I tend to ship based on logic, reasoning, and evidence in the plot lines. If the ship is made blatantly known, I will consider that canon; if not, I will not say that “ship” is canon or want it to be canon. That being said, many theoretical ships do work (however conflicting they may be), but they have to make sense to me.

Preferred Ships (bold pairings indicate favorite paring):

Pokémon – Anime (all ships are theoretical):
Ash x Misty = Pokeshipping
May x Drew = Contestshipping
Brock x Lucy = Luckshipping
Jessie x James = Rocketshipping

Pokémon – Manga (Pokémon Adventures) (all ships are theoretical):
Red x Blue/Green (female) = Luckyshipping
Red x Yellow = Specialshipping
Gold x Crystal = MangaQuestshipping
Pearl x Platinum = Haughtyshipping/MangaTwinleafshipping
Red x Misty = MangaPokeshipping

Pokémon – Game:
Red x Leaf = Burningleafshipping (I think its synonymous with Luckyshipping)

Persona 4/Golden (all ships are theoretical):
Yu x Rise
Yu x Yukiko
Yu x Marie
Yosuke x Chie
Kanji x Naoto

Persona 3/FES/P (all ships are theoretical):
Makoto/Minato x Yukari
Makoto/Minato x Minako
Akihiko x Mitsuru
Junpei x Chidori

Dragon Ball (most ships listed here are canon; these are my favorites to read and write):
Gohan x Videl
Krillin x Android 18
Trunks x Marron (not canon; theoretical)

Shingeki no Kyojin (all ships are theoretical):
Eren x Mikasa
Levi x Petra

Sasha x Potato (hahaha…had to throw that one in there)

KILL la KILL (all ships are theoretical):
Houka x Nonon
Ira x Mako
Ryouko x Uzu

Ships I disapprove of:

I have this section because I have no idea who thought these pairings up, but these just downright don’t make sense. I will still read them if lumped with other ships I do approve of.

Pokémon – Manga:
Blue/Green (male) x Blue/Green (female) = Oldrivalshipping – this pairing just does not make sense at all

Dragon Ball:
Trunks x Pan – I see chemistry here, but this is more of a big-bro/little-sis thing; the 13 year age difference doesn’t help, either
Goten x Bra – where did this come from?!

Shingeki no Kyojin:
Eren x Levi – This is perhaps the most puzzling of the pairings I’ve come across so far in ANY fandom. Not just because I’m not a fan of the Yaoi/Ho-Yay aspect of it, but the fact that it is more of a leader/follower/respect relationship. I definitely CANNOT see this as even remotely romantic
Levi x Mikasa – Mikasa hates Levi’s guts; Levi definitely does not prefer Mikasa as a person. Mutual respect for each other’s abilities is there, but the romance is definitely not implied
Jean x Mikasa – as stated in the canon version, it’s one-sided on Jean’s part, no matter how hard he tries
Jean x Marco – no.

KILL la KILL (all ships are theoretical):
Any of the Yuri/Les-Yay/Slash pairings – I don’t like to read these, although I understand that Mako may have some yuri feelings for Ryouko, but even I can’t seem to see it.

Hobby Section:

MyAnimeList for any anime updates!

My top 10 anime:

Note: [x] denotes multiple seasons and the name of the subsequent seasons

  1. Clannad [After Story]
  2. Monogatari (Series)
  3. Steins;Gate
  4. Shingeki no Kyojin
  5. Persona 4: The Animation (this had to be in here since it’s what got me back into anime…and gaming…and the entire Persona fandom)
  6. Kill la Kill
  7. High School DxD
  8. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
  9. Angel Beats!
  10. Toradora!

Games Completed: Persona 4: The Golden, Pokemon (up to Gold and Silver)

Games in Progress: Persona 3 FES (I know the entire story, just wanted to experience the game play), Persona 4: Arena, Persona Q: Shadow of the Laybrinth

Games on Hold: Gravity Rush, Kanon, Rewrite

Future Games: Pokemon X and Y, and maybe some of the older Pokemon Games post GSC-era, Persona 5 (when released), Person 4: Dancing All Night (when released), Persona 4: Ultimax, Clannad, Little Busters!


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