Status Update – Spring + Summer 2016 & Future Plans

Hey, everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated on here with actual news. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I got a new job which I’m still getting used to and requires me to travel 50% of the time
  • Too many side projects
  • Keeping up with the anime community
  • A new weight training regimen which has me going to the gym 5-6 days a week, and playing tennis every week
  • Pokemon GO!

Those aside, I’m planning to switch some things around to better make use of my projects. Here is what’s in the works:

  • Design an official logo and banner [COMPLETED]
  • Create business cards and custom guitar picks as giveaways
  • Completely remove all anime-related covers from the backlog, as these covers have not gained a sizable audience. The Persona covers will still be there, and more will be added as more Persona games come out
  • Implement a program in which I will cover two OPs/EDs from the currently airing season
  • Launch a Patreon account to start generating donations
  • Redesign the entire website and move it to a separate domain

That being said, updates will now become irregular due to my frequent traveling for work and the amount of projects I have going.

Project Updates:

So here are updates on my current projects:

  • “Before my body is dry” from Kill la Kill has been put on hold until the collaborator is able to complete their parts
  • “Best Friends” from Persona 4: Arena has been put on hold until the collaborator is able to complete their parts
  • “Redo” from Re:ZERO has been instrumentally completed, video work is all that is left to be done. A preview will go up this weekend. The release date is targeted for late August
  • “Calystegia” from Persona 4: Dancing All Night has been put on hold due to arrangement difficulties

Here are the upcoming YouTube projects for the currently airing Summer 2016 season:

  • “Deal with” from Servamp
  • “Belief” from Taboo Tattoo
  • “時の足音 -Reinterpreted-“ from Persona Q

Of course, I am writing the dialogue draft of the 8th chapter of Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning

In other news, I am currently negotiating a contract with Anison cover production label reTYE to be onboarded as one of their primary producers and instrumentalists. More news about that will be on the way once they come in!

Other than that, see you all next time whenever I update!


~ damus1cmahn



Persona 4X: World’s Beginning – Chapter 6 – Update!

Hey, everyone!

I know I’ve been pretty silent on the development of Chapter 6, but rest assure you, it’s getting done! Content completion is about 70% complete as of last night and I should have it done by August 31st, if not sooner. But anyways, let me show you an excerpt from the chapter.

The scene that played out before this young woman faded away to black. She tried to force open her eyes, her vision blurred beyond any level of clarity. She felt around, noting she was laying on the floor. All that she could tell from her blurred vision that it was a shade of red. Confused, she tried to figure out where she was, since this definitely did not feel like her bedroom. All she had as a reference was a shrill female voice that filled the air.

“Chie is nice. Chie can do anything. Chie is always by my side. Chie will always be there to protect me. Chie will always save me…” the voice sang, laced with malice and resentment. Those words echoed harshly from wall to wall. Of course, this threw the young lady for a fright. Just this was happening, her vision cleared enough to recognize a strange fog that filled the area. This did not stop her frightfulness one bit.

Hope you enjoyed that bit. This is proving the most emotional chapter yet!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Next YouTube Project Announced! (and other important announcements)

Hey guys!

I’ve been off the grid for a week for a vacation and will be back in business starting tomorrow. So along with picking the ball back up, here are some announcements:

  • The Next YouTube Cover – Two weeks ago, I held a poll to see which Persona cover would be next. As it ended 7/3 (last Friday), the results came in. My next cover will be “Light in Starless Sky” from Persona 3: Falling Down. 
  • Update on YouTube project Brave Shine – With an influx of requests to collaborate and limitation of choosing only one official vocalist for the cover, I will have to hold auditions for the official version to be posted on my YouTube channel. Details to follow tomorrow.
  • P4X:WB Ch 6 – The long-awaited Ch 6 of my P4G fanfic is still being worked on, and was surprisingly worked on over vacation. Be looking for a late-July release!
  • Instagram – I have recently launched an Instagram profile, so follow me! 😀
  • Facebook – I have also recently launched a Facebook Page, so like it! 😀

Stay tuned for more updates!

~ damus1cmahn

Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning CH5 – Status Update!!

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to give you a little update on the progress of Chapter 5, which should be ready for release this weekend. Here’s a sneak preview of the chapter!

“Hey, Naru-whatever-your-name-is!” the teacher rudely greeted, “This is the school jersey I got for you! Go on, take it!” He shoved the jersey towards Yu and he gently took it from his hand, although he felt like he wanted to punch the tacky-suited man.

“Thanks. The name’s Narukami, by the way.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Morooka retorted, “Get back home or you’ll end up on my rotten little shit list! “

Hope to see you all on Chapter 6, which is about 80% done!

~ damus1cmahn

I’m Back! Important Announcements!!

Well, with work stuff out of the way (for now), I can finally take a break and get back to some projects!

And with that, I’d like to announce my return to the FanFiction and YouTube scenes!

First order of Business: FanFiction Story Changes

With my writing batteries fully charged, I’ll begin reworking my Persona 4X: World’s Beginning story to take out Yu and Rise’s childhood friend backstory. This was a difficult decision to make, but I just simply cannot get the idea to stick the entire way through the story. Instead, they will meet like normal and help each other through their problems.

Persona 4X: World’s Universe will also slightly change in how Yu and Rise’s relationship are handled, depending on how P4X:WB plays out. Be looking for that change.

Pokemon Alternis: A Journey’s Beginning is still on hold until I finish releases of two new chapters of P4X:WB and a chapter of P4X:WU. I blame writer’s block for this.

Second Order of Business: YouTube Announcement

While I claimed my hiatus, my subscriber count has reached 450 subscribers! It was around 230 when I when on hiatus. Thanks, guys, for all of your support! Now to the news you all have been waiting for…

My next cover will be that of an extended version of Time To Make History from Persona 4: Golden. Be looking out for a release within the next month!

Third Order of Business: Update on Album #2

Writing is going at a slow pace, but it is getting there. I have a few ideas that seem to be clicking as I go along, but we’ll see where it goes from there. This album will be both heavier and softer at the same time… so more dynamic if you will. I anticipate only 10 songs making it to the record.

Fourth Order of Business: Otakon 2015 Cosplay Lineup

It should be pretty well-known by now that I frequent Otakon in Baltimore, MD. That being said, I am a cosplayer. This year’s line-up is as follows:

  • Thursday: Casual Yasogami Student (partial cosplay)
  • Friday: Yu Narukami (will be at Midnight shoot)
  • Saturday (day-time): Mikihiko Yoshida (from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
  • Saturday (night-time): Persona 3 Protag (will be at Midnight shoot)
  • Sunday: Casual

If anyone wants to meet up there, let me know!

Anyways, that’s pretty much it in the way of updates! Stay tuned for more!

~ damus1cmahn

Future Projects Announcement (IMPORTANT!)

Hey, everyone!

It is with much regret that I announce the hiatus of all current and future projects until after Memorial Day. It is nearing a very important point in my career which I will need to focus the majority of my energy in achieving it. Naturally, this means that any project I was working on and/or planning to work on will be affected. I try to work on them little-by-little, but do not expect any new material out soon. If on the off-chance I decide to release something to either YouTube or, I will let you all know through here or Twitter. But, as of this moment, all projects will be on hiatus until Memorial Day.

Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions and I’ll try to get back with you as soon as possible.

Much love,