FanFiction Works

Status Update (% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Stage Progress
 P4X:WU  8  Details
 PA:AJB  14  Manuscript (On Hiatus)

Current Projects:

Story Latest Chapter Release Date
Pokemon Alternis: A Journey’s Beginning 13 12/2/2014
Persona 4X: The World’s Universe 7 12/18/2014
Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning 8  9/5/2015

Confirmed Projects:
Stories here have the concept finalized and are now receiving detail treatment (outlines, detailed characterization, sub-concepts, etc.)

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Change of Fate” – This project explores the possibility of Videl as a Saiyan and Erasa as an Android, all while looking into the life of Gohan Son and his attempt at adaptation into high school. This takes place in an alternate universe where some events are similar, but some change due to the nature of the story. There will be some familiar elements as well as new elements not seen or previously overlooked by the canon universe. This is one part of a 3-part series that will focus on pairings through the Majin Buu Saga. The main pairings in this work are Gohan x Videl and Erasa x Sharpner.

Planned Projects:
Stories here have received basic plot synopsis treatment and are undergoing the concept actualization process (concept, main characters, themes, etc.).

Persona Series – “Persona 4X: Horizons Unleashed” – The Shadow Ops (former Investigation Team) go to college. Set 2 years after “The World’s Universe”. This is the second arc of the three arc series.

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Never Alone” – A look into the relationship of Krillin and Android 18, and to a lesser extent, Vegeta and Bulma. This is set 7 years before “Missing Pieces” and travels through the 7 years between the Cell Saga and the Majin Buu Saga.

Pokémon – “Pokémon Atlernis: Rocket Retaliation” – The Johto Arc of the Alternis project.

Dragon Ball Z – “DBZ: Fates Collide” – A look into the lives of Trunks and Marron. Set during and after the Majin Buu Saga.

Persona Series – “Persona 5X: Breaking Chains” – The high school life of Nanako Dojima as she and her friends deal with an old threat, which the Shadow Ops set out to end it once and for all. Set 5 years after “Horizons”. This is the final arc of the four arc series. May include material from Persona 5.

Proposed Projects:
Stories here have had initial idea conceived, but no plot synopsis treatment yet.

Persona Series – “Persona 3X: End of Days” – The novelization of Persona 3 [FES]. This will be a Makoto x Yukari fic.


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