Hiatus Update and Plans for 2017

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Like 3 months since we last talked? I know you all are dying for an update for what I’ve been up to and what my plans are for the near future. So, let’s get right to it!

What I’ve Been Up To…

Since I last talked to you guys, I had this whole thing of doing 2 covers from the current airing anime season. The only issue was… none of the openings or endings between Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 have inspired me to cover anything. So, I decided to take a small break from the audio world.

I was also traveling quite a bit around that time for work and for vacation. This meant I prioritized family, friends, and work over my hobbies. I was not home for literally the entire month of December.

Also compounding my absence was my decision to relocate to a different part of Northern Virginia since my residence at the time got too expensive and was too far from friends. There was a lot of prep and moving activities running through the month of January.

I figured I’d start official work on my second solo album, so recording of the first single took place at the beginning of the month of February. Also around that time, I had acquired the OST to Persona 5, but more on that in a bit…

Other things that have happened were that I pick up two new games: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and Shadowverse (the mobile game). Those have been taking up a nice chunk of my off-time. I also took up bowling as a weekly activity, as well as pumping iron at the gym again. Gotta look good for the videos, right? 😉

But what is my outlook for 2017 looking like, you ask?

Plans for 2017

There are going to be some major things happening for me in 2017, so here’s what gonna be cooking:

Major Announcements:

  • NEW SELF AGAINST SHADOW SINGLE OUT 3/17/17!!! – Yup, recording, mixing, and mastering has been completed for specifically this single, so I’m excited to be putting out new music this year! A preview of the new track should go up within a week or two
  • Expect a new album out by mid-2018 – In the same vain, work on the album has been progressing smoothly and it’s looking like I’m going to be recording the songs as I complete them. This album is going to be even more diverse than my first effort
  • Commissioned/Collaborative work now being accepted! – I will now be accepting any commissioned work and collaborative requests. Rates will be detailed on a later post, and of course, collaborating is free 😀

Announcing the Persona 5 OST Cover Program!!!

I’ve been listening diligently to the OST of Persona 5 well before the game’s official release to study up and decide what I want to do. But for now, the basic pipeline of projects in this program goes like this:

  • An album or two of 12-24 pre-selected and user-selected (you guys choose) tracks from the OST
  • A release of a cover roughly every 3 weeks, and subject to change without notice
  • The covers will be more diversified in genre compared to my earlier Persona 3/4 cover program
  • Like the Persona 3/4 cover program, all covers will be tailored to a fictional “band” formed by members of the main cast, the Phantom Thieves

With this new program now coming into play, I’ll be doing less anime-based covers and focusing on the Persona covers. A preview of what’s to come on this program will be revealed in a YouTube video with a sneak peek of the first cover to be released 😀

Other than that, here’s some things that should be going on throughout the year:

  • Work has NOT stopped on any of my FanFiction projects. I’ve just been simply too busy to be working on them on a regular basis. I promise I’ll update them at some point this year when I get the time (and inspiration) to do so
  • A major trip to Japan is planned for late Spring 2017! Be on the lookout for updates regarding that 😀
  • A new site design is still being considered where I’ll start embedding auto-updates from my various project sites like YouTube.
  • A updated commentary of Persona 5 while playing it at every step of the way. Spoiler in these posts, of course
  • I’ll be overhauling my recording gear very soon as some of the stuff I’ve had for well over 5 years.
  • I may even think about acquiring licenses to perform some anime covers to sell them on iTunes for official purchase. But, I’m only considering it… nothing official, yet.

But anyways, that’s what’s gonna go down this year. Hopefully, I’ll get through all these projects so I can start new ones. This backlog is starting to add up…




Status Update – Spring + Summer 2016 & Future Plans

Hey, everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated on here with actual news. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I got a new job which I’m still getting used to and requires me to travel 50% of the time
  • Too many side projects
  • Keeping up with the anime community
  • A new weight training regimen which has me going to the gym 5-6 days a week, and playing tennis every week
  • Pokemon GO!

Those aside, I’m planning to switch some things around to better make use of my projects. Here is what’s in the works:

  • Design an official logo and banner [COMPLETED]
  • Create business cards and custom guitar picks as giveaways
  • Completely remove all anime-related covers from the backlog, as these covers have not gained a sizable audience. The Persona covers will still be there, and more will be added as more Persona games come out
  • Implement a program in which I will cover two OPs/EDs from the currently airing season
  • Launch a Patreon account to start generating donations
  • Redesign the entire website and move it to a separate domain

That being said, updates will now become irregular due to my frequent traveling for work and the amount of projects I have going.

Project Updates:

So here are updates on my current projects:

  • “Before my body is dry” from Kill la Kill has been put on hold until the collaborator is able to complete their parts
  • “Best Friends” from Persona 4: Arena has been put on hold until the collaborator is able to complete their parts
  • “Redo” from Re:ZERO has been instrumentally completed, video work is all that is left to be done. A preview will go up this weekend. The release date is targeted for late August
  • “Calystegia” from Persona 4: Dancing All Night has been put on hold due to arrangement difficulties

Here are the upcoming YouTube projects for the currently airing Summer 2016 season:

  • “Deal with” from Servamp
  • “Belief” from Taboo Tattoo
  • “時の足音 -Reinterpreted-“ from Persona Q

Of course, I am writing the dialogue draft of the 8th chapter of Persona 4X: The World’s Beginning

In other news, I am currently negotiating a contract with Anison cover production label reTYE to be onboarded as one of their primary producers and instrumentalists. More news about that will be on the way once they come in!

Other than that, see you all next time whenever I update!


~ damus1cmahn