Weekly Update – 7/19-7/24

Hey guys,

So I’m going to be doing these things called a “Weekly Update” with posts on Sunday mornings to give a status update for projects, review what I’ve done last week, and the plans for the upcoming week. This is designed mainly for me to keep myself on schedule and to keep you all informed! So, here’s the meat:


(% Production Stage Complete):

Story Chapter Stage Current Stage Progress
 P4X:WB  6  Writing
 PA:AJB  14  Draft (On Hiatus)


Artist Song Source Stage Current Stage Progress
Aimer Brave Shine F/SN: UBW Instrumental Released

Note: This project is still ongoing as a vocal audition has been opened.

Last Week:

  • Continued writing details of P4X:WB – Ch 6
  • Shut down studio
  • Opened vocal auditions for Aimer – “Brave Shine” cover project

This Week:

  • P4X:WB – Ch 6
    • Target completion: 75% by 7/23
  • Finish cosplay details for Otakon
  • Reassemble studio in new location
  • Begin pre-production on Lotus Juice – “Light in Starless Sky”

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